Elevating the Screening Process - Partnering for Peace of Mind
Experiencing the Difference with AveriHire

Personnel professionals are some of the busiest people we know.  AveriHire, knowing what it takes
to balance the many aspects of the profession, positions itself as your industry expert when it comes
to background checks with their wide array of screening services.

AveriHire services small to mid-sized companies, not-for-profits, educational institutions, among
others - offering not only their screening services, but recommendations on developing corporate
screening policies, and keeping your abreast of current related regulations - keeping you in

From pre-screening an applicant, vetting a volunteer, verifying past education or employment
history, or qualifying an existing employee for retention or advancement, AveriHire is your partner.  
AveriHire boasts an impressive 99% client retention rate and wants to add you to their family of
satisfied clients.

And when you call us - a real person answers the phone.

Let us be your screening partner - your experts.  We'll elevate your screening process - and partner
with your for your peace of mind.  After all - it's what we do.

Making Intelligent Selection Choices - AveriHire helps the client make the best choice based
on providing a thorough criminal history profile and verifying the information on the application.

Helping Businesses to Protect Their Businesses - From Assets - to Employees - to
Reputation AvierHire partners in working to protect these very special three risk centers.

Conducting Business - and Caring for the Earth - We have only one.  And it is possible to
run a socially responsible business through a paperless office.  We;'re GREEN CERTIFIED.

Partnering Based on Industry Compliance - Each industry has its own special needs.  As we
partner with you through the account setup, AveriHire will insure that following mandated
guidelines are a part of the account creation.

Protecting our Future's Precious Resources - I believe that children are our future.  
Protecting at risk populations such as youth, the elderly, or infirmed is paramount.  Let us help
vet your employees & volunteers to protect populations that are unable to speak for themselves.

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Superintendent of Schools and the Chair of
Georgia District Key leader Program, it was
extremely important to me as a member of
the Georgia District Background Screening
Committee charged with developing a
screening program for our members to
associate ourselves with a screening
company with experience and a positive
reputation.  Such a company was AveriHire,
LLC.  With their guidance and
expertise in the field of background checks,
the committee was able to develop and
present a screening program to our
members that meets the mandates for a
non-profit, is cost effective and seamless to
apply.  We value their professional
approach and the relationship we have

Bob Pinckney, Chair, Georgia District Key
Leader Program, Georgia District of Kiwanis
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Tel:  706.745.2121     |     Fax:  855-363-9910